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I love long (no more than .16 miles) romantic walks on the beach, eating exotic foods (really anything that falls of your table), and a good long nap (8 to 14 times a day). If you're looking for a dog who will always cry the minute you leave his side and hyperventilate from excitement the minute you come home, then I'm definitely your Dog. Vive La Frenchies!

  • Personality: Playful, smart, and adaptable.

  • Energy Level: Not Very Active; Frenchies are easygoing, not terribly athletic; brisk walks will keep them trim

  • Good with Children: Yes

  • Good with other Dogs: With Supervision

  • Grooming: Occasional

  • Trainability: Responds Well

  • Height: 10-12 inches

  • Weight: 15-19 pounds

  • Barking Level: Quiet


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 BORN DEC 10. 2023 
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